Helping A Family Member To Detox? Keep These 3 Things In Mind

When it comes to helping a family member recover from a lifelong addiction to drugs or alcohol, you might be grappling with what to do and how to help. With relapse rates ranging from 50%-90%, you might wonder how to turn the tables in your loved one’s favor while simultaneously preserving your relationship. Here are three tips for helping a family member to detox, so that you can help them to live a better life.

Helping Students Deal With Loss Of A Peer: How High Schools Teachers Can Provide Support After Tragedy

Students in high schools all across America deal with death in one form or another, but it is especially earth-shattering when one of their peers dies prematurely. The loss of a friend and classmate who was at the same stage and age as the other students can lead to feelings of guilt, shame, self-doubt, and anger. It’s difficult to process the loss of an energetic youth—youth today embody potential and exuberance: they are just so alive.

Why Getting Enough Sunlight May Offer Relief For Your Anxiety

Suffering from anxiety can rob you of your joy and fulfillment in life, yet it is not always easy to treat. Anxiety is a condition that can make you sad, fearful, and nervous, and it can cause you to worry about every little thing in life. Finding an effective way to treat your anxiety will help you find satisfaction, happiness, and contentment in life. While there are many options available for anxiety treatment, one of the simplest–yet most effective–methods is with sunlight.