What Can You Get Out Of LGBTQ Support Therapy?

Although the world has become more accepting of LGBTQ folks in many ways, living as someone under the LGBTQ umbrella can still come with its challenges. Most people struggle with defining themselves and understanding their own identity to some degree, and this struggle is often magnified for those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer. If you find yourself in this position, it is a good idea to look for a therapist who offers LGBTQ support therapy. Here are a few more specific ways in which therapy can help someone in your shoes.

Understanding Your Identity

Many LGBTQ folks have a sense of knowing, deep down, how they identify in terms of sexuality and gender. But there are so many signals and messages that come from society and serve to confuse you. Weeding through these signals and the feelings they evoke in order to recognize your true self can be difficult. A trained therapist can help you sort through the noise and come to a better understanding of your own identity. They won't tell you who you are; they'll simply give you better tools to discover who you are.

Accepting Your Identity

Even once you know who you are, accepting it can be tough. Especially if you're surrounded by family and friends who do not exactly affirm your gender identity and sexuality, you may doubt yourself or feel inadequate in the heteronormative world. But there can be self-acceptance under the LBGTQ umbrella! A trained therapist can help you find it. Once you grow to accept and love yourself, you will have an easier time standing up for yourself and your values, and you'll move through life with greater confidence.

Maintaining Relationships

Sadly, LGBTQ folks sometimes struggle in relationships with friends and family members who don't understand their identity, or think their identity is something they have the right to disapprove of. Sometimes, these relationships are worth salvaging. Other times, the best answer is to walk away. An LBGTQ therapist can give you the tools to better manage the difficult relationships in your life. They can equip you with phrases that can better explain your feelings, and they can support you if you do decide it's time to end certain relationships.

Life as an LBGTQ individual is not always easy. A therapist who is trained specifically to work with LBGTQ folks can be a powerful advocate, teacher, and confidant as you move forward in life. Contact a local LGBTQ therapy clinic to learn more.