Ways That A Video Game Addiction Can Affect Your Life

Addiction treatment centers might predominantly accept those who struggle with drug and alcohol dependence, but these centers can also help you if you have a different type of addictive behavior. On the surface, an addiction to video games might not seem as serious as being addicted to drugs or alcohol, but playing video games excessively can negatively affect your life in a number of ways, and potentially even threaten it in extreme cases. Whether you see your love of video games as a problem or you're still in the denial phase, it's useful to understand the numerous ways that this addiction can be detrimental.

Lack Of Living In The "Real World"

People who develop addictions to video games often spend so much time in the pursuit of this hobby that they begin to shut out tangible elements from their actual life. For example, a video game addict may stop hanging out with friends, ignore family members, quit a job, or potentially even drop out of or fail school in order to spend more time playing video games. Living in this virtual world is problematic not only because it minimizes your involvement in the real world, but also because it doesn't provide you with the opportunity to learn how to cope in day-to-day life.

Physical Problems

If you're spending several hours a day playing video games, numerous physical problems can arise. For example, you might gain weight because you're not exercising and you're eating unhealthy snacks while you play. Being overweight or obese can result in several health risks, including those that threaten your life, such as heart disease. You may also develop eye strain from staring at the screen, back pain from sitting too long, headaches from the intense concentration, and potentially even blood clots from prolonged periods of sitting.

Exposure To Unwanted Material

Being immersed in the world of video games can cause your personality to change in a number of undesirable ways. If you predominantly play violent video games, for example, the exposure to this form of stimuli may make you feel more violent and, in extreme cases, more apt to use violence to solve real-world problems around you. Additionally, online gaming communities can be full of vitriol, often as a result of "trolls" who seek to spread negativity. The more that you're in this environment, the more than you might be influenced to behave in such a manner.

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