5 Ways To Supplement Parental ADHD Therapy With Printables

Raising a child with ADHD is filled with many challenges for parents. Having a lot of patience is important to guide children through multiple activities. While attending appointments with parenting therapists (someone like Associated Psychologists & Counselors), you can implement methods at home to help your child have the most success. Along with verbal and actionable methods for your child, there are numerous ways to use printable items. The following five types of printables are free and easy to implement into your home routine. By mixing them with therapy suggestions, you can adapt to an ideal daily rhythm for your child.

Cutting & Folding Tasks

Children with ADHD often have trouble developing fine motor skills. Completing weekly worksheets can help enhance motor skills along with traditional school activities like handwriting. One type of worksheet you can print out are shape cutting worksheets. These worksheets feature various shape sizes that children can practice cutting out. Start off with simple shapes like circles and squares before advancing to more complicated shapes.

Folding worksheets can also improve motor skills. Printable origami worksheets make it easy for children to make fun designs like animals and vehicles.

Advanced Coloring Pages

Bonding with your child and finding activities to do together is a great way to help understand them and communicate. Along with completing tasks at a parental therapy office, you can transition to family activities at home. One way to bond and help build up motor skills at the same time is with advanced coloring pages. You can find intricate coloring pages for yourself and printable pages for your child.

Along with basic coloring themes, you can find various pages related to different events and holidays. Then the coloring pages can be gifted to family and friends for various events like Christmas and birthdays.

Home Lists

Therapy sessions for parents raising children with ADHD will often focus on proper organization and routine. Printable lists can help you add organized activities all around your home. For example, in your bathroom, you may use a printable list to display teeth brushing directions. The step-by-step instructions will help your child focus and concentrate on specific activities.

These lists can be used all throughout the home, especially for tasks that your child has trouble completing. There are dozens of free lists available. Bright colors and bold lettering help the lists stand out and can give your child additional reading completion at home.

Calendar Printables

Staying organized and building independence is important for a child with ADHD. Parents tend to want to help their child along, but end up doing too much for them. As you learn to give more independence through therapy sessions, calendar printables can help with this task at home.  By giving a child their own calendar, reminders can be filled in for sports events, school events, and any type of after-school activity.

These printables can be found in a monthly format or weekly format, if more information needs to be filled in. You can start by filling in the tasks and then slowly transition until the child is filling out the tasks on their own.

Reward Charts

Offering rewards for children is a great incentive to completing tasks. Therapists will often encourage awards instead of punishments for gaining positive results. One of the best ways to do this is through a printable reward chart. By setting a goal for the main reward, a child can try to achieve this goal through working hard and completing tasks as needed. These charts can cover a number of things including chores, homework, and respect in the home.

Use markers and stickers to label the charts, and keep up with them so the child stays encouraged to complete everything as needed.

Slowly implement these printables into your child's routine. Introducing them all at once can be overwhelming and possibly cause them to fail. Work with your therapist on the best ways to introduce and implement the printables for the best success. A therapist may also have a few printable activities of their own that can be shared and used in your home.